Create a Better Plan for Your Money!

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Our easy-to-use Payday Power Planner is specifically designed for you to take control of every paycheck by helping you map when your money's coming in and when it's going out. A budget for the month simply isn't enough. Plan by this month's paydays and get better results faster. 

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How It Works

Payday Focused

A monthly budget isn't enough. Your plan for money works better when it revolves around your paydays rather than the month.

Real-Life Categories

Money is active, and you're actively trying to Put Food On the Table, Keep a Roof Over Your Head, and Keep the Lights On.

Mo Money or No Money

Every payday ends either with a surplus or shortfall. Knowing which is key to helping you manage your money well.


Access your plan anywhere, anytime, on any device. Changes save automatically. Share easily for seamless collaboration.



Coach Nino Villa


I was laid off in 2012 with a wife and toddler at home and no financial safety net. That was just the scare I needed to realize my need for financial literacy and a better plan for my money. By God's grace, I was employed weeks later and highly motivated to learn new money habits. Over the next few months, I saved money for a rainy day and eliminated more than $20,000 of debt. 

Considering my passion for helping others and my God-given talent as a teacher, I began helping colleagues and friends create the new money habits needed to achieve their short- and long-term financial goals. By 2015, I was coaching individuals and couples across America. During that time, I discovered monthly budgeting was part of the problem.

Creating a budget for the month alone doesn't help you plan when the money is coming in and going out throughout the month. For example, when you budget for May, you most likely need to use April's income to pay May's rent (or mortgage). But that's not how most people think or behave with their money. Most people pay May's rent with May's income, which seems logical but often means they're paying it late. There's a better way.

I help my clients manage their money by pay periods rather than the month alone. This method successfully helps them catch up on bills, eliminate debt, and save and invest for their future. The Payday Power Planner is the foundation for the new money habits needed to achieve financial freedom.